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Most of the rivers in Canton Ticino are attractive to tourists not only for their natural beauty but are also the perfect place to relax and participate in a number of outdoor activities such as swimming, canyoning, canoeing, and scuba diving.

However, these rivers can be potentially dangerous even for experts. Unpredicted rise of water levels due to rain, freezing temperatures, slippery rocks, strong currents, whirlpools, and waterfalls…. are all dangers that should be taken seriously especially when children are involved.

In the last decades our Canton was placed the first in the list of drowning cases in Switzerland. In fact, in the last 30 years the number of water accidents in Canton Ticino reached 509 of which 338 were deadly (11 deaths per year). In Ticino rivers the number of accidents during the last 30 years was 261 of which 164 death cases (6 deaths per year) and always because of the poor knowledge of the places.

The State Council has founded in September 2001 the Cantonal Commission “Safe Ticino Rivers” with the purpose of elaborating a common strategy of prevention, information and surveillance to protect the interest of the local population and the tourist visiting our rivers.

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Important Information

Before undertaking any activity in the rivers, these two factors have to be taken into consideration:

1. Weather forecast


2. Water level in the rivers

The level of water can change even in nice weather days if there is a hydroelectric station nearby.