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The emigration of Ticinesi: a journey along the centuries

Welcome to OltreconfiniTi

The OltreconfiniTi platform is the go-to resource for those seeking information on emigration from Ticino. First launched in 2013, it is updated and managed by the Information and Communication Service (SIC), part of the Council of State.

Last update - 12 October 2015:
New layout for OltreconfiniTi; the website has been partially translated into English (see the section From 1990 to the present day). For more information, go to the Contact page.



People who made Ticino famous all over the world

OltreconfiniTi is offering a collection of more than 500 biographies in Italian that tell not only the story of our 'diaspora' but also the lives of who have made the opposite journey over the last two centuries: internationally-renowned figures who, in search of safety, peace and inspiration, chose Ticino as their place of residence.

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