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Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) 2022:

The Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) scheduled to take place in Lugano on 4 and 5 July will be a major undertaking for Ticino. The event is intended to lay the foundations for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The main tasks of law enforcement (at federal, cantonal and municipal levels), the military, the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS), transport police, civil protection services as well as private security partners will be to ensure that the international gathering runs smoothly, minimising the impact on local inhabitants and tourists while providing and maintaining security services for the public at large.

This page provides a concise overview of the organisational repercussions of this event and will be updated on a continuous basis.

Helpline cantonale
0848 14 95 95 

attiva da martedì 28.6 a martedì 5.7
Dalle 06.00 alle 22.00