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6 river safety rules

The majority of the rivers in Canton Ticino epitomise an appealing tourist attraction because of their natural and panoramic enviroment , they are also ideal for leisure activities and the practice of various sports  (such as swimming, canyoning, kayaking, scuba diving,…etc.).

Caution and common sense ! Especially near water flows you could be faced with potentially dangerous situations.

For your own safety:

  1. Always keep an eye on the children.
  2. Don’t camp on river banks or islets.
  3. Pay great attention to the weather: rain rapidly increases water levels.  
  4. Pay attention to your surroundings and the features of the river: tight canyons and waterfalls are dangerous, syphons can’t be seen but they will trap anyone on the bottom of the water
  5. Follow the experts’ advice and suggestions.
  6. Pay attention and respect the signage near hydroelectric plants

Dangerous situations?

Emergency medical assistance by air REGA
Tel (Within Switzerland): 1414
Tel (From abroad): +41 333 333 333
Emergency radio channel 161.300 MHz 

Colonna di soccorso del Club Alpino Svizzero (CAS)
Tel (Within Switzerland): 1414 (Rega) or 117 (Police)

Tel: 117 and 112

Tel (Within Switzerland): 144