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Emergency : what to do?

In the event of an emergency it’s possible to contact the REGA  rescue helicopter (Air Rescue Guard), the rescue team of the Swiss Alpine Club (CAS), the local
Police or an Ambulance .

How to sound the alarm:

  • With your cell phone:
    This is just possible in a few of the canyons due to limited network coverage, but it is always advised to have your phone at hand.
  • With a radio:
    You can use a radio (between 5 and 30W), the buzzer for the opening of the REGA’s relay is a telescopic antenna, this gives a higher probability of success compared to the cell phone.
  • With acoustic and optic signals:
    6 identical signals per minute followed by a one-minute break, do this until you get a confirmation that your signal had been received. In order to confirm to those who sounded the alarm that the message had been recieved and understood, send 3 signals per minute followed by a one minute-break, continuing the sequence until the recipients have understood.

Dangerous situations?

Emergency medical assistance by air REGA
Tel (Within Switzerland): 1414
Tel (From abroad): +41 333 333 333
Emergency radio channel 161.300 MHz 

Colonna di soccorso del Club Alpino Svizzero (CAS)
Tel (Within Switzerland): 1414 (Rega) or 117 (Police)

Tel: 117 and 112

Tel (Within Switzerland): 144